Wednesday, May 27, 2009

//miss my old lovee

oh my gogh!idk why ths a few days i keep thinking of him.seriously i really do love him.
he really do take care of me alots.seriously i miss you sayang.i really do.i miss all about us before.i miss when you holding my hands.hugging me.i miss all tht sayang.wht the most things i miss about you is the way you sys "iloveyou".i still remember tht day i had a big fight with you.but everytime i wanna start crying you will look up at my face while you were holding my hands and sys 'im sory' and then you will kiss me and sys 'iloveyou'.i miss you rdzn razak.seriously i really do.since the day one i start loving you until now i still loving you.i want you back in my life sayang.imissyou alots.last words iloveyou.